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We leverage the unique opportunities presented by Namibia’s dynamic economic landscape. As a geographically vast country with a population of approximately 2.5 million (2020), Namibia boasts a 1,500 km-long coastline along the South Atlantic. Renowned for its abundant mineral resources, including diamonds, uranium, zinc, copper and gold, Namibia is now also garnering international attention for its recently discovered gas and oil deposits. Namibia has also emerged as a thriving hub for green hydrogen production, due to its plentiful supply of renewable resources such as solar and wind. This abundance of resources sets the stage for medium to long-term economic growth across all sectors, igniting a renewed interest among global investors.

Strategically positioned, Namibia shares borders with South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Angola, with Walvis Bay, the country’s largest commercial port, located in a strategic position midway along the coast of Namibia providing direct access to international shipping routes, making it an ideal distribution hub within Southern Africa. This favourable location allows us to tap into a wide array of investment opportunities and capitalize on the region’s potential.

At Covest Wealth 3.0, we possess deep knowledge and industry expertise in navigating Namibia’s investment landscape. We foster a culture that encourages external investments while wholeheartedly believing in the growth potential of our internal investments. By forging investor-smart partnerships founded on unwavering confidence, we create a sustainable environment for long-term wealth creation and shared prosperity.

Our corporate identity is shaped by the convergence of these factors—Namibia’s resource-rich potential, strategic positioning, and our commitment to fostering sustainable growth. Discover the power of strategic partnerships and explore the wealth of opportunities that await you at Covest Wealth 3.0.

Together, let us build a prosperous future fueled by sustainable growth and shared success.


With our roots firmly in Namibia and our reach extended into the rest of Africa and the emerging markets beyond, we seek to generate above-average growth over time to create wealth for our shareholders, customers and employees while impacting positively on society and our planet.


We build wealth by our unique approach of co-investing alongside our investors and stakeholders. We capitalize on growth opportunities in Namibia and beyond for long-term value creation and superior returns. Through our extensive experience, expertise, and our commitment to sustainable growth, we strive to drive economic and social development of the communities in which we invest.


Pieter de Klerk

Chief Executive Officer

Evaristus Ethan Haininga

Senior Wealth Consultant

Timotheus Amuenje

Senior Wealth Consultant

Neville Basson

Corporate Relations

Wayne McTeer

Portfolio Manager & Compliance


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